Name: James Mattis

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Twitter: @jamesmattis

Facebook: james.mattis


Number of years on Cal Giant: 6

Number of years racing: 15

Favorite thing about Specialized:

The bikes, hands down

Top 3 Race Results:

  • 2011 UCI Master’s World Road Race Champion
  • 2008 USA Elite Road Race Champ
  • 3x CA State Road Race Champion

Favorite way to eat Cal Giant berries:

With gelato for desert

Who does the cooking, you or your mom?

My wife, Katheryn, does most of the cooking. I do handle the BBQ duties though.

What kind of race is your specialty?

Everything – hard road races, hard crits

Do you listen to the same kind of music when warming-up for a TT vs a crit vs a road race? What kind is it?

Don’t really listen to warm up music much these days, but if I did it would probably be Rush.

Would you choose a romantic dinner with your girlfriend or Go-Kart racing?

Go kart racing. We actually celebrated Katheryn’s birthday last year with Go-karting.

What is your most memorable personal or team result?

Charles Dionne’s 2004 San Francisco Grand Prix win. We went up against the strongest and the toughest and beat them all.

What are your short-term and long-term cycling goals?

I’ve reached all of my personal goals really. Now my most significant goal is to help young riders get going in the sport.

Describe in one word Rand’s blog.

Balmy. Took a while to come up with that word. I think it’s a pretty good choice on several levels.

What is your favorite downloaded app you would recommend to others?

Drug Search. I wrote it though, so I’m biased. It is the best way to search for supplements and drugs that are ok to take under the WADA code. Everyone in cycling should use it.

When you’re not on your bike, where can your friends expect to find you?

I’ll be in my office working (sad, but true).

Does anyone else in your family race bikes?

My wife did…

Other than cycling, what is your favorite sport?

Ultimate Frisbee.

If you could only eat 5 foods for a month, what would they be?

Beer, chocolate, oatmeal, burritos, ramen